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Jigar —  The ultimate Persian term of Endearment ❤️

Jigar, which literally means liver, is also used for “close friends” meaning heart, love and beloved.

JigarTala —  A heart of gold  💛

JigarTala, an English equivalent of “A heart of gold” is an expression of endearment used to show just how wonderful, amazing, and kind-hearted you think the person is. It coveys how vital you think they are to your existence.


Jigar is FREE to download and use

However, we also offer an optional subscription package (JigarTala) and single/multiple-use paid services (JigarOnFire, Super Like) unlocking extra features!

JigarTala (Gold membership)

Unlock extra features!


1)      Gold Profile

2)      Read Receipts

3)      Edit Messages

4)      Unsend Messages

5)      Share Photos

6)      Enable Voice

7)      Enable Call

8)      Enable Video

… get Gold membership & become a JigarTala today!

JigarOnFire 🔥 (Boost your Profile)

Add-on fire to Boost your profile & Be seen more:


1.  Local booster: (Warm it up)

Get up to 5x more matches by boosting your profile (for 24 hours) for users within your area/country


2. Worldwide booster: (Heat it up)
Get up to 10x more matches by boosting your profile (for 24 hours) for local (area/country) & international users (worldwide)



Super Like ⭐️ (Boost your Like)

Boost your like and be seen on users home page!

·       You get 1 Super Like a day for FREE but also have the option to purchase more.

·       When the user you Super Liked uses the app they will see your profile pop up. This will ensure your profile is seen right away on their next login.



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