Teen Dating


A teenager, or teen, is a person who is between the ages of 13 to 19 years old.

During this time growth spurts and puberty changes happens.

Teens start developing their personality and opinions and try to make a sense of who they are.

They are transitioning from childhood to adulthood.

Teen Dating starts at different stages for each individual; some begin dating earlier and others may be anxious by the thought of a romantic relationship.

Romantic relationships are huge developmental part of teenagers’ life with a lot of emotional ups and downs.

Here are some tips for teens that are ready to begin dating:


Teen Dating Tips


  • Don’t date for the sake of dating


You shouldn’t date someone just because your friends are dating.


You may feel a pressure to be dating someone during high school, whether you want to be or not.


It’s important not to start dating until you have a sense of who you are.


  • Be yourself


It is really important to remain true to yourself in a relationship.


Talking about things you have in common is a great way to start Teen Dating, but you need to have your own opinions and views.


Everyone has their own preferences, thoughts and beliefs so you shouldn’t hide your feelings.


No matter who you meet in the world, no two humans are identical in the way they think and it’s completely normal to have disagreements with your date.


Trying to hide your true self will result in feelings of resentment, anxiety, and discontent.


  • Reciprocated Love


Mutual love is an important part of any romantic bond between two people which means you can feel secure that you both love and are loved equally.


Unrequited love is the love that is not returned or rewarded which hurts both parties, not just the one who’s rejected.


It can come in various forms like a high school crush to an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend that has fallen out of love with you.


If you’re dating someone, make sure they love you back.


  • Set Boundaries


Boundaries are an essential part of any Teen Dating experience as they help to maintain a balance between you and your girlfriend/boyfriend.


Boundaries determine where our comfort zones are in a relationship and everyone’s got their own space and comfort levels when it comes to boundaries.


However in order to receive love and affection from their partners, many teenagers sacrifice their identity and remove their boundaries.


How to Set Boundaries


  • Begin thinking about your boundaries by paying attention to how you feel about and react to situations around you and what makes you feel uncomfortable.


  • Let your boyfriend or girlfriend know there are certain things you will not tolerate.


  • Start by saying no to the things that are against your beliefs or principles and behaviors that disrespect you.


  • If your date has crossed the boundaries, you need to discuss and show that there are consequences to his or her actions.


  • Make it known that you need an apology and they need to acknowledge their mistake