Persian Dating


Persian Dating’s History


Definition of dating in Cambridge dictionary is “to regularly spend time with someone you have a romantic relationship with”.


The word “date” as “the date on the calendar when a person has a romantic meeting” was used for the first time by George Ade, a columnist for the Chicago Record.


Prior to that, courtship was how women would meet with several men, with their parents present and choose their potential husband.


Although Persian dating is a new concept, a similar custom to courtship has been present in Persian culture called “Khastegari”.


What Persian Dating is like?


There are many different cultures all around the world and that’s the primary reason we each have our own way of doing things and Persian Dating is one of those instances.


Persian girls and boys have their own characteristics and features which you should know before dating them.


1- Family Comes First


Family plays the most important role in the social life of Iranians so it comes as no surprises that your Persian dates would put their family first.


Their family’s opinion of you is very important to them so you have to impress them, specially the parents, or you won’t stand a chance.


2- Living at Home


Unlike other cultures, Persian girls and boys living with their parents is the norm and not the sign of irresponsibility and laziness.


Over 90% of Persian young adults still live with their parents.


3- The Decision is on Girls


Usually it’s the Persian girls that decide whether they want to be in a relationship with you or not.


That also expands into your dating life and ultimately marriage.


4- Eating lots of Rice


Rice is a food staple among Persians and its preparation is a form of art.


It doesn’t matter whether you’re on Keto or any diet, you’ll be eating a lot of dishes with rice.


Different stages of Persian Dating


1. Attraction


The first stage of dating is attraction; when you first start noticing and becoming interested in someone.


They can be a mutual friend, colleague, acquaintance or someone you met on Persian Dating App.


Psychologists believe there are five main determinants of attraction:


  1. Physical attractiveness
  2. Proximity
  3. Similarity
  4. Reciprocity
  5. & Familiarity


2. Asking Out/First Date


Asking out someone that you are attracted to is a big challenge.


But if you really want to date your crush, you need to work up the courage.


If you’re shy or not confident enough to ask them out in person, texting can be a good alternative for you.


On your first Persian Date, you can choose from a wide variety of topics to initiate the conversation with your date.


Talking about the weather or the food you’re eating can be a great ice-breaker; with that you can start a dialogue and then ultimately dive into more personal and deep topics.


3. Dating


During this period you will go on a lot of dates and make time to get to know more about one another via text or phone calls before you decide whether to take things to the next level.


4. Relationship


In this stage you go from casually dating to exclusively dating.


Commitment is the key part during this period. Also your communication is based on mutual agreement and trust.