What is a relationship?

For many of us, a romantic or marital relationship is an incredibly significant part of life. Satisfaction with our love life allows us to flourish in other dimensions of existence and live in peace.

A romantic relationship is one of people’s most common mental concerns, especially in youth. Love is a matter that people probably deal with simply and as a part of their daily life. A person’s romantic relationships directly affect how they live now and in the future. A healthy love relationship can save a person from boredom and inactivity, making them more determined to seek better living conditions. Counseling shows that this driving force can push a loved one to depression and suicide if faced with failure.

How to get into a romantic relationship?

Romantic relationships can vary depending on culture, religion, and lifestyle. Sometimes, people suddenly feel involved with someone and want to show their love. It’s their way of expressing their emotional turmoil. Therefore, there will be no other way to build a relationship. A person in this situation may not be able to communicate well with the other person because emotions surround them. As said, when establishing a relationship with someone, you should consider whether you are suitable for the other person. Therefore, people are advised to get adequate information about the interests and preferences of the person in question to improve the quality of their emotional relationship.

What does a relationship mean?

What is a relationship?
There are different types of relationships that have unique characteristics.

Relationships are anything that happens between two people. You can have various relationships with many people, including family and friends. The phrase “being in a relationship,” while often associated with romantic relationships, can refer to a variety of relationships one person has with another.

“In a relationship” does not always mean that physical intimacy, emotional attachment, or commitment are involved. People engage in different types of relationships that have unique characteristics.

Types of relationship

Types of romantic relationships can be different in each person’s mind. People who understand the definition of love differently also imagine romantic relationships differently. But as said in relationship psychology counseling sessions, each type of romantic relationship has characteristics that distinguish each from the other.

Relationships usually fall into one of these several different categories:

  • Family Connections
  • Friendships
  • Acquaintances
  • Romantic Relationship
  • Sex
  • Work Relationships
  • Situational Relationships 

These different forms of relationships can vary significantly in closeness, and there are also different subtypes of relationships within each of these basic types. Some of the types of relationships you may experience at some point in your life include:

  • Platonic Relationships
  • Romantic Relationships
  • Codependent Relationships
  • Casual Relationships
  • Open Relationships
  • Toxic Relationships

Dos and don’ts of a romantic relationship

To keep a romance at the desired level of quality, you must follow the dos. In the following, we will discuss some of the dos of a romantic relationship:

  • Always remember that making time for a relationship is one of the most critical points for maintaining and improving a relationship.
  • Never compare the person with whom you are in a deep emotional relationship with other people. It causes discouragement in emotional relationships.
  • Don’t let distance become normal in your emotional relationship. Be sure to meet in person according to a regular schedule.
  • Avoid lies strictly; lies can ruin your relationships.
  • Be sure to come to an agreement and understanding about your beliefs and those of your partner, and be sure to adjust them.

To keep a high-quality relationship, you also need to follow the don’ts. Among the prohibitions of an emotional relationship, we can mention the following:

  • Don’t ignore the red line in your relationship. Show your partner that you respect and value him/her.
  • It is a mistake to ignore your partner’s verbal flirting with the incorrect assumption they will understand why you love them.
  • It would help if you did not allow people to enter into the privacy of the relationship. Sometimes, couples think that a third person can help them break through the deadlock or solve the problem. This is because no one can solve it as well as they can.

Characteristics of a healthy relationship

What is a relationship?
Healthy romantic relationships always have certain characteristics.

Relationships can be complex and scary. Even though you can think about your future and get rid of doubts, you still need to remember that healthy relationships always possess certain characteristics. These characteristics include:

Acceptance in a healthy romantic relationship

Everyone has their characteristics, and not all of them are pleasant. Your partner should be able to accept and love you as you are. If your partner seeks to change or control you, doubt that they are in love.


Even when we’re mad, our memory still works. Just as we cannot insult our father, mother, or favorite friend during a fight, it must be forbidden to insult our love. Always consider the other person’s feelings when making decisions.


Usually, we are cautious by nature, and we don’t want to tell others any secrets about ourselves. To live a safer life, we need to keep some things private. But in a healthy romantic relationship, everything will be different. If you love someone romantically, you should not feel ashamed to tell them your feelings. The nature of your love will fade away if you hide it.

The trust

Trusting your partner is essential. Telling them your weaknesses and sharing your feelings should be easy for you. You should trust your partner physically, mentally, or emotionally and not worry about getting hurt.


Your false self may be more attractive than your true self. Even so, don’t forget that lies only shield you from danger in the short term, but these lies destroy your relationship’s trust in the long run.


Sympathy means attempting to understand your partner’s situation. You can try to make your partner less busy. However, even if you don’t have the strength to do this, make sure to pay more attention to them when they are worried and upset. Additionally, you should stay by their side so that they can easily overcome challenges.


What is a relationship?
Everybody can feel kindness in their partner’s words, behavior, or actions.

Ask yourself, are you willing to do all the things you do for your best friend in a healthy romantic relationship with your partner? You can predict their needs and try to meet them. To annoy your partner less, you can learn to control your nerves more. You can make a big difference with a bit of affection.

You can show kindness with your words, actions, or behavior. When you are kind to your partner, they will be more willing to love you.


Making some changes is the key to a healthy romantic relationship. Relationships make you commit, so you are not free to do many things as you once were. Give your partner more attention and time by limiting your conversation to one person.


Think of your partner; get to know him/her. Recognition is one of the characteristics of a healthy romantic relationship. You should know their opinions and traits and deal with them accordingly. In this way, you can take more constructive actions and behave differently.


You may have been hurt and heartbroken many times during a romantic relationship, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to forget if you love him or her. Let grudges be removed from your heart, and forgetfulness will take its place.


This may sound a cliché and repetitive, but compromise has much to say in a healthy romantic relationship. Sometimes, our minds get involved in winning and losing due to pride. However, if both parties believe they have to compromise to be together, they can handle issues.


We tend to forget to show one another love and interest after a while in a relationship. Being affectionate can be as simple as touching, kissing, or holding hands. As a result, if you stay away from all of these things, there will be no sign of interest in your relationship. Even after some time, you might forget how much you want your love by your side.


Be grateful to each other. You saved each other from being alone. You should thank yourself and him/her for still having a healthy romantic relationship. You may even need to express your appreciation or demonstrate it through your behavior.

The trust

You are the most influential person who can give credit to your partner or hurt their self-confidence. The most effective way to show your partner you trust them wholeheartedly is to show them your unconditional long-term love.

Betrayal damages the relationship

What is a relationship?
There’s no place for cheating in a romantic relationship.

In addition to all the beauty and charm of emotional relationships, they can also be harmed by several harms. One of the most significant injuries in a relationship is betrayal, which most likely ends it. It doesn’t matter how old the couple is, whether they’re inexperienced or experienced, or what their cultural and social level is. Cheating in any situation is a red line in a romantic relationship. As a result, you should take care of your relationship. Couples should pay attention to avoid any issue that increases the possibility of this injury. One of these preventions is eliminating anything that may cause doubt or discouragement on either side.

What’s the key to a successful romantic relationship?

When a relationship is just beginning, you see everything as beautiful, but everyday life and getting to know each other can bring you down over time. Despite what you may think, a successful relationship isn’t something that only exists in the movies. However, you have to work together and move in the same direction. The tips in this section of JIGAR‘s article can help you; whether you’re just starting a relationship or you’ve been together for years and are having a problem, these items are worth looking at:

  • Avoid getting attached
  • Always respect each other
  • Say goodbye to selfishness
  • Talk about everything
  • Do everything together
  • Consider other relationships as well

The difference between a relationship and dating

Specifically, in the definition of the relationship we must state that the two parties met each other beforehand and are committed to each other. Dating is when someone hangs out with another person to start a relationship. Although they may have nothing in common, this prevents them from entering a relationship.

The problem with dating arises when partners don’t communicate clearly about their intentions or are duplicitous. Some people might date purely for sex, while others may date to find a serious, committed relationship. To learn more about dating, you can read the article What is dating?

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