Persian Dating (Tips)

People are more likely to be happy when dating someone attractive and energetic. Spending time with people who are always positive makes you feel good. This is exactly the response to the question, “What is Dating?” The opposite may also be true. That is, naysayers, pessimist, and chronic complainers are the worst group for dating. We recommend avoiding them as much as possible.

Life is very short, and it isn’t worth it to waste your life with such people. Instead, you should surround yourself with energetic people and become one of them yourself.

Persian dating follows the same rules. If you follow these tips, you will be able to get the results you want from Persian dating.

1 – Never pretend to be someone you are not

It would be best if you first learned to be yourself. It is not a good idea to imitate others or pretend to be someone else. People are much more accepting than you can imagine, even if you sometimes think you aren’t attractive enough.

2. Do not be afraid to associate with others

Meeting new people may seem a little worrying. But remember that the more you try, the more likely you will succeed. When you are your real self and behave the way you always communicate, there is no doubt you will be more concerned.

3. Move forward step-by-step

If you need more confidence to have a new date, try practicing in public places. Start interacting with strangers and improve your social skills.

4. Make plans to go out

Persian dating tips
Beautiful girl and her handsome boyfriend.

To establish social communication, you must step out of your comfort zone and meet people. For your date with Persians/Iranians, if you need help knowing where to go or what to do, we recommend choosing a café or restaurant for the first date so that it would be easy for you to communicate.

5. Suggest the second and third dates

You are now in the circle of success when you feel ready to continue this date. Use the following tips to be successful and happy in your dating process.

6. Judgment causes failure

Sometimes, we make a prejudgment about the people we meet, and we think our opponent in Persian/Iranian dating does not share our morals and ethics. The recommendation is to give them the opportunity instead of making a decision. So, it is recommended to continue this date to get to know each other better.

7. Show your interest

Remember that all people like to be seen and heard. So, if your date talks or does something to grab your attention, show them your interest and attention by showing that you want to listen to their words.

8. Spend time together

New relationships take the right shape when you trying to spend time together by going to the movies, having a party, or attending spectacular events.

9. Always keep in touch

Since people often have a very hectic lifestyle, it is not only always possible to get in touch with the person you date. But, keep in mind that being in touch can help make the relationship survive. So, use a variety of networks, ranging from phone to the Internet, so you can talk to your date for a few minutes every day.

10. Be a good friend

Persian dating tips
Beautiful couple spend time in a summer city.

Being a good friend is not being together only in times of joy and fun. To prove your friendship, you need to make sure s/he can count on your help in times of difficulty and even illness.

Remember that the first encounter always remains in your date’s mind. You never get a second change for a first impression. The first telephone call is the most crucial factor to succeed in the date with a Persian/Iranian. Your body language and words show that you are eager to hear what s/he says!

11. Prepare yourself for dating

See what to talk about, write a list of topics to talk about, think about each item, and prepare your talk in advance.

Put your clothes neatly in the wardrobe where you can find them easily since you already have a date to go out with.

For example, at the last minute, you are looking for your socks or pants, or your clothes need to be ironed, and there is not much time to prepare them.

12. Make eye contact with each other

Communicate efficiently and properly with your date if you want to affect them well. When you look into someone’s eyes, they feel like you are paying attention to them and listening to their conversations well, which makes them like you more and find it easier to communicate with you. However, be careful not to confuse eye contact with staring at one’s face or eye. Iranians also welcome eye contact and like to keep eye contact during the date.

13. Set aside the cell phone

Persian dating tips
Laughing indoors talking the couple.

When you have a date with a Persian/Iranian, don’t put your cell phone on the table when talking to them, and put your cell phone in your bag or pocket. Because if you put your cell phone on the table, the person will unconsciously think that your phone calls are more important than the meeting and not feel well.

What if we were under stress?

Some dates can cause stress, especially those who are very important to us. When people are in a new position and they have yet to prepare, it’s natural that they will feel this way.

But how to control it? Or why does this happen?

One of the things that causes you to feel relaxed on the first date is getting ready in advance, which helps you plan and manage your time better. Since you have prepared your mind, your brain feels more relaxed and less stressed. But if you get stressed, try to take a few deep breaths and breathe longer; breathe in for 5 seconds, hold it for 4 seconds, and exhale for 6 seconds. You will feel more relaxed when you breathe deeply.

Try not to get stuck in negative thinking patterns, as thinking of negative things will make you feel more insecure and cause more fear, thereby exacerbating your stress. Think about enjoying and spending time with your date instead of dwelling on the negative thoughts.

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