Exclusive Dating vs. Relationship

Getting into a relationship is not a knee-jerk decision or is not like deciding at night and starting a relationship with someone the next day. To get into a relationship, you must go step by step; although even dating may not begin a relationship. Regardless of how hard it may seem, being exclusive and being in a relationship are very different things.

To recognize that a date can end in a relationship, you need to make several appointments, learn more about each other, and learn about your lovers. If you are interested in continuing this relationship, you can do so. However, you may have to have a girlfriend/boyfriend and committed relationship at this point.

  • When should you stop dating and enter a committed relationship with your partner?
  • Do you need to define a deadline to reach the target point?
  • Do you need to pre-determine the number of dates and start a relationship if you make it on the fifth date?

The world of dating and relationships is complex and unknown. But there has to be a more straightforward tactic to figure out where my relationship stands without setting complicated rules.

Taking this into consideration, we first suggest you go to the article “what is dating?“, and then follow us in this article to check the differences between exclusive dating and relationships.

Exclusive dating: What does it mean?

“Exclusive” can mean many things to different people, but essentially, it is a transitional phase between “dating” and “relationship.”

You should spend a lot of time getting to know the person you are looking for before you start a new relationship. Exclusive dating is exactly the stage before a serious relationship begins. The steps before exclusive dating include:

  • Spending time with your partner.
  • Getting to know him/her well.
  • Committing to exclusive dating.

Exclusive dating is often considered as an excellent way to test someone and see if you like them before entering a relationship. This is a big and important step to having a proper long-term relationship.

Exclusive dating signs

Exclusive Dating vs. Relationship
Romantic date of a handsome young man and attractive brunette woman at the restaurant.

Apart from what we define, you can identify exclusive dating by other signs. Some of the signs of exclusive dating are:

  • Your behavior will change compared to previous dates. You behave more lovingly in Exclusive Dating. At this stage, your partner becomes important, and you spend most of the time together.
  • Your relationship is healthy. The characteristics of a healthy relationship are good behavior and happiness. In Exclusive Dating, you experience a healthy relationship.
  • You talk about the future. Another sign of exclusive dating is discussing your future plans together. Your plan for the future can include traveling or even planning to go to your favorite singer’s concert.
  • A good relationship will develop between you and your mutual friends. To have a good relationship, in addition to your spouse, you must also love his/her friends. This also applies to exclusive dating, and the parties have a good relationship by knowing each other’s friends.
  • You hate the thought of losing your partner. Losing someone you love is excruciatingly painful, and you don’t like to think about it.

Exclusive dating mental health effects

There is usually a deeper connection and more intimacy in exclusive relationships. To illustrate, a 2019 study found that people in monogamous relationships evinced more emotional distress when thinking about their partner getting involved with someone else.

The serotonin hormone secreted in a relationship can, however, boost your mood. According to an older study, stress and depression can be reduced by high marital quality.

Being in a relationship: What does it mean?

As we stated in the article, “what is a relationship?”:

Relationships are anything that happens between two people. You can have various relationships with many people, including family and friends. The phrase “being in a relationship,” while often associated with romantic relationships, can refer to a variety of relationships one person has with another.

“In a relationship” does not always mean that physical intimacy, emotional attachment, or commitment are involved. People engage in different types of relationships that have unique characteristics.

“In a relationship” does not always mean that physical intimacy, emotional attachment, or commitment are involved. People engage in different types of relationships that have unique characteristics.

Relationship signs

Exclusive Dating vs. Relationship
Young couple together in an autumn park.

By and large, the relationship is the next stage of exclusive dating; therefore, its symptoms differ from exclusive dating. Some relationship symptoms include:

  • You have a specific plan for the future. There is every likelihood that a relationship ending in marriage and having children. Although it may be too early for these steps, it is common for people in relationships to dream of going on a family vacation.
  • Your friends become your partner’s best friend. Also, you can discuss your relationship with your partner’s friend in an exclusive dating, but your conversations with them will go beyond your relationship stories.
  • Your partner will be the first person you share the most important life issues with. It may not seem right to some people, but when someone enters a relationship, they want their partner to be the first to hear about their lives and events.
  • The priority of your life is to be with your partner. If you are invited to a restaurant by one of your friends and your partner at the same time, without a doubt, your priority will be to accept your partner’s offer.

Is exclusive dating the same as a relationship?

Considering all the points we mentioned in this article and the differences between a relationship and exclusive dating, exclusive dating is not the same as a relationship. It is a step before entering a relationship.

It is important to bear in mind that exclusive dating can lead you to a more stable relationship, and you can even use it to get into a committed relationship.

What is the best way of transition from exclusive dating to a relationship?

Of course, entering a committed relationship can be complicated and challenging for each person. It is common for couples to fear receiving a negative response from their partners about their relationship. But if you love your partner and are interested in continuing with him/her, you should put this fear aside. You can do things to make your relationship a committed one.

What do you need to know for a successful transition?

Exclusive Dating vs. Relationship
Young adult couple draws a heart on snow covered car.
  • Relationships succeed when you talk about anything. Be honest about turning exclusive dating into a committed relationship and discuss it with your partner.
  • Be very clear about this and avoid sidetracking.
  • If you’ve been dating online, turn it into in-person meetings to talk face-to-face.
  • To turn exclusive dating into a committed relationship, show your partner that you care about their future.

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