What is Casual Dating?

One of the common terms in dating that is often heard is “casual dating” or “casual relationship”, which is also one of the types of dating. While many people are familiar with this term, they may not know its precise meaning or effects on human relationships and mental health.

As a result, we decided to explore the meaning of casual dating and the pros and cons of this type of relationship in this article.

What does casual dating mean?

As we mentioned in the “what is dating?” article, there are different types of dating, one of which is casual dating.

Casual dating involves people dating without necessarily expecting or wanting a more serious romantic relationship.

Therefore, casual dating is meeting someone (and possibly sharing physical intimacy or sex) without getting engaged or married or being in a long-term commitment.

There is a difference between casual dating and hooking up.

In casual dating, you’re willing to maintain a relationship, even if it’s only casual. Although hooking up isn’t necessarily emotional, it doesn’t require a commitment.

Many consider this dating model fun and trendy, while others consider it against customs and moral values. Among the reasons why casual dating is viewed as unethical is that it involves a sexual relationship between married couples.

Pros of Casual Dating

As with other forms of dating, casual dating can have advantages and disadvantages. Some people have recently ended a relationship or left a failed marriage. These people may not like to enter a long-term and committed relationship again, so they choose casual dating. In addition, many prefer to date to avoid relationships’ pressures, demands, and anxieties. Finally, casual dating can be an excellent choice for many owing to the following advantages:

  • Casual dating lets you explore the dating world based on your terms and conditions.
  • In casual dating, you can pursue and date multiple individuals without having to be in a long-term commitment, allowing you to keep the thrill of the chase alive.
  • Casual dating offers new relationships, opportunities, and experiences without the burden or obligation of committing.

Cons of Casual Dating

Casual Dating
An upset girl on a date.

Besides its merits, casual dating may have many demerits, making it an unsuitable method of communication. This type of relationship has the following disadvantages:

  • You might feel awkward or unnatural if you are dating two people simultaneously.
  • Meeting multiple people may also be challenging due to schedules and other commitments, limiting quality time spent with someone.
  • Spending time with strangers you meet by chance cannot be an easy way to get to know them.
  • It’s hard to turn a casual hookup into a committed relationship when casually dating someone.
  • You may feel emotionally unsatisfied when you accidentally date.

The effects of casual dating on mental health

Casual dating can have a positive and at the same time, a negative effect on mental health. Since you are given free rein to determine the rules of this type of relationship, and you can lead the relationship as you wish, you will strengthen your sense of independence and freedom. Since in this type of relationship, there is no need to worry about urgent matters, it can increase your self-confidence and self-esteem.

According to research that has been carried out on this type of dating, the researchers found that casual dating can also harm mental health. Since people’s purposes for choosing casual dating may differ, its effect on people may also be different.

Anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem are possible health effects of casual sex without any other type of relationship.

It is important to note, however, that the mental health effects of any dating or sexual encounter vary by individual and circumstance. You can decide if you prefer casual dating or a more serious level of commitment as long as you respect your boundaries, belief systems, and values.

What are the rules of casual dating?

We all have needs, and sometimes we want to date and keep things casual. When it comes to casual dating, you should know the rules. You can remember the following rules when choosing this type of dating:

  1. Make sure everybody involved knows the score.
  2. There is still a need for respect.
  3. Do what you are good at.
  4. Keep a few people in your mix.
  5. No possessiveness, please.
  6. Don’t make plans beyond a few days.
  7. Focus on other stuff in your life.
  8. Personal favors are a no-go.
  9. They can’t be your plus one.
  10. End it like a grown-up.

Tips for casual dating

Casual Dating
A couple on a date.

So far, we have discussed the meaning of casual dating, its advantages and disadvantages, and its rules. You should remember that there are no rules for casual dating, and you can implement your rules for this dating type. We decided to share tips to help you improve casual dating and enjoy your moments.

Be honest and open

To begin this type of dating, you need to state from the get-go that this type of relationship is casual and that you have no problem with its nature. Make sure that you’d like to know about each other’s dates.

Set boundaries for yourself

Although this type of dating does not follow any rules, it does not mean you should not set boundaries for yourself. It’s good to start by setting boundaries and thinking about what you should and shouldn’t do. Talk about sex and the dos and don’ts of sex, and set limits and boundaries to stay safe and protect yourself from sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Avoid jealousy

Jealousy is one of the most critical factors in ruining relationships and friendships. If you cannot control the feeling of jealousy, it is good not to think about casual dating and other relationships. Even if you think you might become dependent on the other party, give up casual dating in no time.

Look for fun things to do

It is possible to make your date more exciting and enjoyable by doing various things. For example, make a date at a cafe, go to the movies or a concert, invite each other to dinner, go for a walk, do some shopping, and so on.

Do not forget to respect

Any relationship, casual or otherwise, must be based on mutual respect. Let the person know kindly and respectfully if you decide they aren’t right for you after a few dates.

Is casual dating right for you?

Casual Dating
A couple on a romantic date.

To understand your dating expectations, you must look within yourself if you’re considering casual dating. When looking for a new relationship and desiring to meet many people at once, casual dating can be a great choice.

Let’s say you want a long-term commitment and a serious relationship. You won’t feel satisfied or used if you take part in casual dating in that case. It’s not casual to make the right decision regarding casual dating.

To have good casual dating, you can use reliable dating apps. It would be best if you spent time finding the best person in these apps. In the article how to find someone on a dating app, you can learn how to find the right person.

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